Education in West Lafayette Indiana

West Lafayette is the residence of Purdue University’s main school, with a registration of over 40,000 students.
The West Lafayette Area Institution Corporation provides 3 colleges. The school area is not coterminous with the town; locations annexed by the city after 2000 continue to be served by region institutions. Students attend Cumberland Elementary School with 3rd quality, while trainees in qualities 4– 6 attend West Lafayette Middle school. Pupils in the 7th grade as well as above attend West Lafayette Junior-Senior High School.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church runs Pleasantview SDA College which supplies courses for grades K– 8, and the Montessori Institution of Greater Lafayette instructs K– 6. There are various other colleges, both public and also exclusive, that have a West Lafayette address, however, these are really located outside the city limitations.

Around 77% of West Lafayette’s populace age 25 or older hold a bachelor’s level or greater according to the U.S. Census 2005– 2007 American Community Study. The city ranks sixth highest on this step among UNITED STATE communities between 20,000 as well as 65,000 populace.

Furthermore, the Tippecanoe Institution Company and Lafayette College Firm run public schools outside the West Lafayette city limitations. There are also a variety of private schools in Lafayette and also an Ivy Tech Area College branch.

The town has a lending library, the West Lafayette Public Library.

Government of West Lafayette Indiana

The city’s chosen officials contain the mayor, a clerk, and a nine-member Common Council.

The nine-member Common Council holds the city’s legal authority and makes the legislations with regulations, orders, resolutions, and motions. The city is divided into 6 districts, and the Common Council includes one council member from each district, plus 3 at-large council members. Chosen by the council members, the head of state of the Common Council presides over the council meetings as well as is first in the line of sequence ought to the mayor not finish his/her term of office.

All city elected authorities have a term of office of 4 years without any limit on the variety of terms. Regular elections for all offices are held at the same time in the odd year preceding the governmental election year.

The following is a listing of all mayors of West Lafayette since the placement started in 1924.

History of West Lafayette Indiana

Augustus Wylie set out a town in 1836 in the Wabash River floodplain south of today Dam. Due to routine flooding of the website, Wylie’s community was never ever developed. Today city was created in 1888 by the merger of the adjacent SUV towns of Chauncey, Oakwood, and also Kingston, situated on a bluff across the Wabash River from Lafayette, Indiana. The three communities had actually been small SUV villages that were directly adjacent to each other. Kingston was outlined in 1855 by Jesse B. Lutz. Chauncey was platted in 1860 by the Chauncey family of Philadelphia, wealthy land speculators. Chauncey and also Kingston created a municipal government in 1866 which picked the name “Chauncey”.

The new community of Chauncey stayed a little suburban village till Purdue University opened up in 1869. In 1871 Chauncey elected to be linked by Lafayette since it was incapable to offer the infrastructure (such as enhanced streets, water supply, authorities, and fire defense). Lafayette voted against annexing Chauncey because of the high price of the many enhancements that the town did not have. In Might 1888, the community of Chauncey voted to change its name to West Lafayette after a petition authorized by 152 electors. Already, the development of the college was sustaining the development of the little community. The address of Purdue College was provided as “Lafayette, Indiana” until well into the twentieth century. West Lafayette never ever acquired a railroad depot and delayed numerous years behind Lafayette in the establishment of local infrastructure and also solutions. Today, West Lafayette has established itself as a different city, with independent solutions and also distinct neighborhoods distinct from those of its sister city, Lafayette.

In November 2013, the City of West Lafayette approved an annexation that put much of the Purdue University academic university and residence hall system within the official borders of the municipality for the first time. This development likewise consisted of a big section of the US Freeway 231 hallway that was previously part of the unincorporated Tippecanoe Region.